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MYP Science

Students in MYP1-3 study integrated science using Spectrum, a UK curriculum project for this age group.  In MYP 4 and 5, students study biology, chemistry and physics with specialist teachers in twelve-week blocks. Formative assessment in all science programs is based on unit tests, laboratory reports, homework assignments and presentations as well as summative assessment with end of semester exams.

The MYP science program provides a sound foundation of scientific knowledge with a strong emphasis on scientific inquiry, investigative and analytical skills.  The curriculum encourages students to reflect on the social and ethical implications of science and provides them with the skills to communicate their understanding.

The science program contributes to the overall philosophy of the MYP directly and through the Global Contexts, an awareness that the applications of science may be both beneficial and detrimental, through Approaches to Learning, an understanding of the scientific method and the ways in which scientific inventions are made.