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MYP Physical Education

Physical Education in the Middle Years Program (MYP) aims to develop the whole individual; physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. As students progress, they encounter concepts and information across a spectrum of sports and activities. They are challenged to not only internalize this knowledge, but to competently apply it, using effective communication modes and through performance of various strategies, tactics, skills and techniques. Students cultivate their compositional skills as they create complex sequences of movement in gymnastics and martial arts. Throughout their time in the MYP Physical Education program, students are encouraged to become balanced, knowledgeable individuals who are inter-culturally sensitive, open-minded and caring toward their peers. Across the five-year program, students will take part in our health program that delivers fitness that is broad, general and inclusive our specialty, not specializing but varied, preparing the student for a wide range of activities in their life.  In addition, students will participate in various sports and activities, such as Basketball, Football (European, American and Touch), Volleyball, European Handball, Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgeball, Gymnastics and Martial Arts. Students will also be introduced to the history of sports, basic anatomy and physiology, components of fitness, game design and movement composition.