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MYP Mathematics

Mathematics is taught with a unified approach, where students are exposed to the full range of topics including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data management and discrete mathematics. There is a spiral progression in the level of difficulty of topics covered during MYP 1-5.

We tie our mathematics program to the Global Contexts mostly through word problems on topics relevant to the particular Global Contexts, and through inter-curricular projects.

Our texts for MYP 1-5 are International Mathematics for the Middle Years courses 1- 5 by McSeveny, Conway, Wilkes and Smith, 2009.  These are supplemented with course 1-3 of the McDougal Little MATH series by Larson, Boswell, Kanold and Stiff, 2007 as well as Algebra Structure and Method Book 1 and, Algebra and Trigonometry Structure Method Book 2 by Brown, Dolciani, Songenfry, and Kane, 2004, and Geometry by Jurgensen and Brown, 2004.

Homework is given on a daily basis. This may include shorter assignments due the next class meeting or longer projects and investigations. Assessment is based on these together with classroom presentations and performance in tests.