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MYP Language Acquisition

Language Acquisition at AISJ is offered from Grade 6 to 10 in four languages, English French, Hebrew and Arabic.  Grade 8-10 students are divided in three groups according to their previous knowledge, ability level and exposure to the language. Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels are evaluated according to the MYP requirements. The MYP Program for Language Acquisition prepares students for the IB Program. AISJ Arabic and Hebrew language learners have ample opportunities to exercise their new language skills in everyday contexts beyond the school.

French B

French teaching focuses not only on the four linguistic skills necessary for language acquisition:  Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing; but also on the knowledge and understanding of various aspects of French Culture. Throughout the curriculum, students are invited to develop and question their cultural awareness, thus enabling them to understand the nature of language. While encouraging high standards of learning, the French curriculum fosters an enjoyment, curiosity and lasting interest in language learning.

Hebrew B

Hebrew is offered as a 5 year program from grades 6 to 10. Students are grouped according to their level of previous knowledge and/or exposure to the language. We offer a foundation and intermediate level for grades 6 and 7, while for grades 8-10 we offer two levels: foundation and intermediate. Given that that Hebrew is one of the official languages of the country, we teach Hebrew as part of the culture of Israel. We study Israel's history, holidays and traditions and we visit important sites. We also read the news from an easy weekly newspaper, and listen to the news on the radio, and watch the news on television. These exercises give students the opportunity to understand and be more involved in the everyday life of local Israelis.  In accordance with MYP goals, we encourage the students to use the language outside the school, interacting and contributing to all parts of the wider community.

At all levels we develop the four linguistics skills, which are fundamental for the language process: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  In the foundation level, students learn the aleph bet in print and in cursive. They learn to read and write and to speak at a basic level. At the intermediate level, students study the three tenses and 7 groups of verbs. Different themes are studied during the course, giving them the opportunity to research and present in oral and written form their own creative work. At the advanced level, student are exposed to a wider variety of texts from the Bible to the modern Israeli literature. They learn advanced skills that will prepare them for the IB program. The students also gain greater confidence in their spoken language and learn to better express themselves both orally and in written form.

Arabic B

Studies in Arabic B, occur at the foundation level in grades 6 – 10, intermediate level in grades 8 – 10, and advanced level in grades 8 – 10. Foundation Arabic in grades 6 and 7 focuses on the Arabic script, the Arabic alphabet, reading, writing and basic sentence composition. Basic verb groups are also taught. Grade 8-10 foundational studies continues developing practical grammar skills, including basic and complex sentence construction, Students begin composing short essays and are required to read and comprehend texts 300 words in length. Intermediate Arabic studies in grades 8-10 focus on comprehending and composing longer and more complex texts, using a wide vocabulary and verbs from all nine main verb groups. Self-expression, both oral and written, is germane to the course.  Culture and tradition is taught as an important part of the Arabic language; including field trips, feasts and celebrations.