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MYP Individuals in Society

Individuals in Society at AISJ includes general Humanities courses for MYP 1-3, and discrete Geography and History courses during years 4 and 5 of the program. The aim of the humanities department is not only to develop in the individual student the characteristics of an IB learner, but more immediately, to develop the skills necessary to communicate and interpret historical and geographic information in a variety of ways and to help the student establish a personal sense of identity within a global context. Throughout the program, each student is encouraged to actively participate in historical and geographical inquiry, dialogue with others, and gain an awareness of their identity as well as an understanding of and an appreciation for the identities and viewpoints of others. The humanities department also seeks to foster in its students a sense of responsibility to their local and global communities and help them explore ways in which they can participate in improving those communities.

Students are encouraged to establish links with their other disciplines and this is facilitated through a variety of inter-curricular projects. Sometimes this is accomplished by studying history through the lenses of art or literature or by focusing on the development of a particular discipline, such as the sciences or mathematics.

Regular assessment is set for the Individuals in Society program and the history and geography courses of the MYP program. All assessment is based on the materials and assignments given during class including, essay writing, research projects (both individual and group), and participation in class discussions, debates and presentations.