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MYP Arts

The MYP Arts Program at AISJ is an active, vital part of the school.  We offer visual arts, music and theatre arts. All three components of the program strive to develop students' intellectual and conceptual skills and to expand their awareness of the arts in contemporary society and throughout different periods and cultures.  During their MYP years, students work both individually and in collaboration, and do cross-curricular projects with other departments in the school. In grades 6, 7 and 8, students have weekly classes in the visual, theatre and music arts. In grades 9 and 10, they continue with visual arts and have the opportunity to elect either ceramics or music. Students are assessed through the following criteria: Developing Skills, Thinking Creatively and Responding.  Much care is taken to ensure that students are exposed to and understand the criteria by which they will be assessed.

Visual Arts

Through our Visual Arts program we strive to provide students with the tools and the language to make personal experiences meaningful through the understanding and making of art. Our visual arts department is project based and includes research on the art of different cultures and artists, as well as challenging each student's capacity for creative thinking and problem-solving. We encourage exploration and experimentation and strive to expand students' ideas about what art is and can be. Students have the opportunity to experience a variety of art media, including a special emphasis on ceramics. Ultimately, the visual arts program is an opportunity for students to express their individuality and to develop their own unique artistic voices.

Theatre Arts

Through Drama, we recreate and examine people's actions, see how they might have come about and where they might lead. In this way, by examining human interactions, drama can help students to face intellectual, physical, social and emotional challenges. Drama at AISJ is a practical, artistic subject, which actively involves students and should be an enjoyable experience. Drama enables students to understand themselves and those around them through exploration and experience, by active engagement in a variety of social, conceptual and open-ended situations, which will empower them to deepen and extend their learning. Drama also exposes students to a variety of artistic works, directors, currents and cultures. It teaches them the necessary skills to act, direct, conceptualize and criticize theatre.

Music Arts

The Music Department at AISJ aims to inspire and enrich the lives of all students studying in the MYP music program. Our students are involved in a voyage of discovery enabling them to taste and experience the many varied aspects of music and musicianship. Through developing their musical skills and exploring different modes of communication in the arts and world culture today students are empowered to participate creatively in a sharing and caring experience. Additionally, students are introduced to composing, performing skills and the use of music technology. Students are involved in the music production process and are encouraged to perform and record their own music in school recording studios.  The Music Department offers students a unique opportunity to have a voice within the school.