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Primary Program

AISJ Primary - Ages 5-11 Years

This is an exciting stage of education where the children further develop their knowledge, independence and friendships. Through noticing and fostering children’s unique strengths and abilities, staff encourage children to challenge themselves, to try new things and develop a love of learning.  Strong relationships with parents remain important throughout the primary years, so we continue to work closely with you.

Children in Elementary follow the English National Curriculum, supported by the International Primary Curriculum. We believe that this gives our pupils a rich and broad curriculum which is knowledge-rich, whilst developing International mindedness through exciting thematic topics.

The National Curriculum

Our children are taught using the latest research-based schemes of work, including ‘Read Write Inc.’ Phonics Scheme and ‘Maths No Problem’, a mastery approach to Mathematics based on renowned Singapore Maths. 

Read Write Inc. Phonics Guide for Parents

Maths No Problem Guide for parents

We have high expectations of all our pupils and put in the support and challenge so that each one can thrive and achieve. Should we identify that a child needs extra help or might have special educational needs (SEN), we work closely with parents and our Special Educational Needs Coordinator to put support in place. She can also refer to outside specialists for further advice.

Values and Behaviour

PSHE lessons, Religious Education and assemblies help the children consider ‘big questions’, develop character and create a respectful and happy school.

We have 3 core behaviour values of Respect, Kindness and Forgiveness. Our behaviour policy and rules are based on these and the Bible verse,

‘In everything, therefore, treat people the same way as you want them to treat you’. Matthew 7v12

We have very clear behaviour expectations for all aspects of school life so that the children feel safe and can focus on their learning and play. We employ a growth mindset approach so that children develop responsibility, alongside a range of rewards for excellent work and behaviour.

Assessment and Reporting in the Primary Years

Ongoing assessment of your child’s learning takes place all the time as part of teaching and marking work. Teachers use a range of methods to ensure that children have understood what is being taught and to address misconceptions.

We also have termly ‘Rising Stars’ tests in Maths, Reading, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (KS2, Years 3-6) and Science. These give a summative assessment and help us to carefully track the progress that your child is making. These tests are adapted, and additional support is given to children at the early stages of learning English. 

At the end of PY6, the children take the English National Curriculum SATS tests. This enables us to compare results again UK scores and give our children a recognized test result should they move schools. We consistently score highly compared to UK schools. Parents receive 2 written reports a year; a mid-year one in January and an end-of-year report in June. In addition, we have 2 Parent Teacher consultation meetings in October and February. 

Curriculum Enrichment and Specialist Teaching

We offer specialist teaching for Music, Physical Education including swimming, Art and Languages as part of our weekly timetable. In addition, all classes have a weekly session in our extensively stocked library, which includes teaching from our librarian. 

Special events such as our annual ‘Book Week’, our two Nativity plays, and parent Theatre performances enhance the curriculum. We also participate in International activities and competitions such as ‘Voices around the World’ and the COBIS Maths challenge. 

All our IPC topics involve exciting ‘Entry’ points and there are opportunities for children to show parents their learning at the end of unit ‘Exit points’. These themes also often involve a curriculum trip. 

Over the past few years we have developed our residential ‘Explore Israel’ trips, starting with one-day trips for the youngest children, building up to 3 days for PY6. These are wonderful opportunities to learn outside the classroom, as well as full of interesting and challenging activities. 

Extra-curricular activities

We offer a range of after-school clubs and activities. These include individual Music tuition, Music Theatre lessons, Ballet, Gymnastics, Sports clubs and various teacher-led clubs. We also offer ‘After-care’ until 4.30 pm Monday – Thursday.