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Counseling and Pastoral Care


Elementary School

For counseling needs and related concerns in the elementary school, parents and students can consult the homeroom teacher directly. If further support is needed, please contact Head of Elementary.

Secondary School

The Guidance and Counseling Program at AISJ is an integral part of our comprehensive educational program and is available to all students. The school counselor can assist students in his/her academic, career and personal/social development. The counselor provides a variety of programs and services for students through individual appointments, groups, class meetings and classroom presentations.

 Students: Your School Counselor can help you

  • Discover your interests
  • Plan your academic program and make course decisions
  • Explore college and other options beyond high school
  • Locate financial aid resources to help pay for college
  • Understand college testing requirements and register for appropriate standardized tests
  • Learn strategies for time management and efficient learning
  • Get in touch with people or agencies that can help
  • Make personal decisions
  • By providing support in difficult situations
  • By listening and when you need someone to listen in a confidential setting

Parents: Your Child's School Counselor can help you

  • Deal with concerns regarding your child’s academic program/performance
  • Access information about adolescent behavior and development
  • Research college and financial aid information and resources
  • Explore career resources
  • Make transitions to and from AISJ
  • Connect to support services in the school and community, including referrals to mental health professionals, standardized testing preparation, and career exploration

Secondary School Counselor: TBD

Contact information: Email: TBD

Office Hours: 7:45 – 14:30

Fax: 972 2 538 4874