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2024/2025 Fees Schedule

All fees expressed in New Israeli Shekels (NIS)

One-Time Fees – Non Refundable




Application Fee (once per child)


Compulsory for application



Admission Fees (once per child upon admission to grades PY1 and higher)



First child






Additional children enrolled at the same time

Annual Fees & Deposit




Security Fee (per family; eldest child only)


For security guard hire and resolution of any security issues that may arise



Capital Fees (per child; PY1 or higher)


First child





Second child enrolled at same time




Additional children enrolled at the same time


Tuition Fees (per child)



Nursery including lunch





Early Years 1 and 2, including lunch




PY1 not including lunch




PY2-6 not including lunch




MY1-MY5 not including lunch




DY1-DY2 not including lunch

For PY1-PY6, meals can be purchased on a monthly basis through the canteen.
MY1-MY5 & DY1-DY2 can pay for meals on a daily basis through the canteen.
Special Program Fees





Art Materials Fee


Depending on project



Elementary Club Fees


Per semester (offered 2x/year)



Music Lessons Fee


Per year (30 lessons)



Examination Fees


For IB exams, DY1-DY2



Language/Learning Support

No Charge

Band A – Basic general support





Band B – Targeted support (pro rata if grouped)




Band C – Specialised intense support (Support levels based on assessment; prior parental agreement is required)


This fee schedule is not intended to be exhaustive of all possible or optional expenses that might be incurred during a given school year. It does not include paid transport to school, extra-curricular trips, P.E. kits, sports, library bags or food. Questions? Contact us:

Notes of Explanation

There are three options of fee payments:

  • One payment for the entire year: Due prior to the first day of classes (19th August 2024), or before the first day of attendance at school if the student begins after the commencement of the school year.
  • One payment for each semester: Due prior to the first day of each semester (19th August 2024 for 1st Semester; 20th January, 2025 for 2nd Semester), or before the first day of attendance at school if the student begins after the commencement of a semester. Students may not begin classes until the payment is made.
  • Payments in equal monthly instalments: Payable in full via a series of 10 post-dated Israeli cheques, or one for each month student will be in attendance, August through December for first semester, January through May for second semester – due prior to the first day of each semester (19th August, 2024; 20th January, 2025), or prior to the first day of the student’s attendance at school if the student begins after the commencement of semester. All fees must be paid in full no later than 31 May 2025.

  • Students may not commence attendance or studies at AISJ unless and until a Fees Agreement has been signed and all fees have been paid in full or an approved payment arrangement has been made.
  • All families whose organizations/employers pay for or reimburse school fees, including the UN and diplomatic corps, are required to follow payment plan #1 or #2, paying for the entire year or semester before a student begins class.
  • Parents paying full fees for their first child may receive a 5% tuition discount for their second child enrolled simultaneously and a 10% tuition discount for their third and subsequent children enrolled simultaneously.
  • Parents paying fees privately (not paid for or reimbursed in whole or in part by an organization or employer) at the full rate under options 1 and 2, and who make their payments on schedule, are eligible for a 500 NIS early-payment discount per student per semester. Parents receiving financial aid will not be eligible for this early- payment discount.
  • Payments may be made by bank transfer and credit card in Shekels (NIS), US Dollars (USD), British Pounds (GBP) or Euros (EUR) or by Israeli cheque in New Israeli Shekels. Payments in foreign currency will be credited to the student’s account as the equivalent amount of shekels determined by the Bank of Israel representative rate of exchange on the day the payment is received.
  • Payment by bank transfer is preferred, as long as the school is notified by email or fax of the specific transaction details whenever a transfer payment is made. This notification is essential to ensure that transfer payments may be tracked and confirmed.
  • Cheques, if used, should be made payable to: ISRAEL TRUST OF THE ANGLICAN CHURCH. Only local cheques drawn on Israeli banks and made payable in shekels are accepted. Cheques drawn on foreign bank accounts payable in foreign currencies are no longer accepted. Cheques that are returned unpaid will incur a surcharge of 130 NIS to cover costs. Third party cheques are not accepted.
  • Late payments of any category will be subject to a surcharge of 1% of the amount due each month the payment remains outstanding.
  • AISJ reserves the right to withhold diplomas, grade reports and transcripts; to exclude from classes; or to refuse re-enrolment of any family whose fee payments are not current at any time.
  • Parents who withdraw their children from school prior to the end of a semester are required to complete any remaining fee payments for that semester. Refunds are not issued for the portion of a semester in which the student is no longer in attendance. In certain cases, exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Director, Finance Manager and/or school board, such as when special arrangements have been made in advance between the parent(s) and the school. The school fees schedule is based on a ten-month education program.
  • Fees are charged from the start of the semester when a place is being reserved for a student and there are other applicants waiting for a place in that grade level. If that is not the case, then the fees are charged from the beginning of the month even if a student comes in during the month.