Language and Learning Support

The IN department

The IN (Inclusion Needs) department is the combination of the SEN (Special Educational Needs and EAL (English as an Additional Language) departments. It consists of specialized teachers and learning assistants, who meet regularly, with the School Nurse and Counselor to attend to all our students’ individual needs, in a holistic way.

Philosophy of Inclusion

AISJ welcomes and celebrates all our students. Every family is welcomed into our community with the utmost respect for their languages, Nationalities, religions, cultures, or any other defining attribute. We see the maintenance of mother tongue crucial to the emotional, social, personal and educational development of all students and we actively support the maintenance of the mother tongue, alongside the acquisition of the English Language medium. The fundamental learning objective is to enable our students to access, to be inspired by and to enjoy the rich and varied curriculum and all the learning experiences, in and out of the classroom, at AISJ.

Addressing all Individual Needs

Across the Grades at AISJ, teachers endeavor to personalize the learning experience as much as possible, teaching to the intelligences and interests of our students and aiming to inspire and engage with everyone. We pay exceptional sensitivities to the cultural and religious values of all our school community and our extended local community and as a result make a unique, safe and respectful learning environment in our diverse city.

Assessment opportunities are encouraged to be as diverse as our students, hoping to accurately track and plan for individual learning: giving everyone an opportunity to shine. Due to the small class sizes, we are able to build excellent learning relationships with the students and we confer with our students and monitor their learning in interactive ways. All the staff are encouraged to be role models of lifelong learners. There are regular training opportunities, symbiotic with an appraisal system, to help all staff maximize the learning opportunities for our students. When students need extension opportunities, beyond what is available through differentiation, we work in partnership with the staff and individual families to devise creative and challenging learning situations to meet individual extension needs.

If you have any questions or comments about our services, please contact me, Liz Album, Head of Inclusion Needs school wide: