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We are passionate about our sports here at AISJ and place a high value on giving our students every opportunity to get involved in sports that they can grow to love. There is so much enjoyment and so many profound lessons to be discovered as one participates in various physical activities and team sports. Confidence, commitment, focus, leadership, cooperation and fair play are among the many qualities we see developed in our children as they work in a team and as they overcome personal challenges through their chosen sport. Because of this fact, we endeavour to make a wide selection of physical activities and team competition available to our students each school year.

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Common offerings include: basketball, soccer, swimming, volleyball, baseball, running, rugby, football, and self-defence. Other sports and activities are added as there is demand.

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We are in the process right now of finalizing the sports that will be offered this year and we will provide updates through our News and Events as they become available. We also encourage parents to play an active role in our sports program at AISJ. For more details on all of this, please feel free contact our office or our Athletics Teacher Mr. Dinin.