AISJ Application Process

  1. Contact AISJ.
    Email us (or call +972 (0)2-567-7200) to let us know of your interest in applying and to ask any questions you may have. If you are in Jerusalem, you are welcome to visit the school for an informational meeting and tour.

  2. Submit an Application
    Please download a copy of the application forms. The forms and additional documents can be returned to us by email, fax or mail. Please submit the application and additional documents in advance of the student’s enrolment. If the full documentation is not provided, this may delay the admissions process.

    1. Application forms

    2. Additional documents

      • Transcripts/reports from the previous two school years

      • Copy of immunization records

      • Copy of passport/visa, parents and student

      • Full payment of the registration/deposit fee (cash, cheque or bank transfer)

  3. Interview and Placement Testing.
    All families meet with the counselor and/or other appropriate staff for initial interviews and placement testing.

  4. Completing the Application file and Confirmation of Selected Class or Classes
    AISJ will contact you with confirmation of your students’ class placement.

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