Student Dress Code

Dress in a respectful way. We live in a religious city. Please try not to cause offence to others.


You should not wear tops that are cut too low or that are too short and reveal the stomach. Thin or Spaghetti shoulder straps are not permitted. Skirts and shorts should be modest and not too short.


You should not wear trousers so low that underwear is revealed.

Very short shorts are also not permitted.

Boys and Girls

Please do not wear clothing with political/religious messages or slogans over printed onto them.

Please do not wear clothes with images which might cause offence either to staff or other students.

Accessories must not be provocative or suggestive in any way.

Hair Styles

Hairstyles should be appropriate. The school cannot allow sub-cultural hairstyles or bizarre colours.

Remember: The school is located in a very politically and religiously sensitive environment so be modest in your dress and appearance so that we can all have the sense of belonging to and respecting each other.