Student Behavior and Discipline

Discipline Policy Flowchart

AISJ seeks to be a caring but disciplined school. Every student and teacher must foster good, professional relationships. However at times disciplinary measures may need to be taken. The primary role for such measures lies with each teacher – if any incidents need to be reported the following flow chart shows the progression of discipline within the school structure. Most issues ought to be dealt with before having to come to the attention of the Head of Secondary – should any issue reach his/her desk the matter is regarded as very serious and serious consequences will follow.

Class Teacher

Home Room Teacher

Assistant Head of Secondary / Dean

Head of Secondary


Student Conduct

AISJ is a diverse community based on mutual respect and tolerance, therefore…

  • Treat other people as you wish to be treated
  • Bullying in any form , including physical, verbal, emotional, and cyber is totally unacceptable
  • Take care of your school – keep it tidy, no graffiti, etc.
  • Look after your property and respect the property of others
  • Come to class on time and prepare for your lessons

Use of Cell Phones

  • Cell Phones are not permitted to be used at any time during class by students
  • Parents are asked NOT to contact students without first contacting the school
  • Cell phones may be used to photograph board work only with the express permission of the teacher.
  • Inappropriate use of cell phones will result in immediate confiscation and return to parent or guardian by the Head of Secondary.
  • Students are not permitted to photograph or video other students or members of staff without  their express permission.