Welcome message by Head of Secondary

Mr. Devin Mitchell, Head of Secondary

Welcome to AISJ Secondary School!

We host a wide and varied programme of study for all students aged 11–18 which is primarily aimed at enabling each student to both fulfill their potential and facilitate their entry to third level education anywhere in the world.

As an IB World School and a MSA (Middle States Association – USA ) School we are accredited to award both IB Diplomas and/or certificates as well as the American High School Diploma. Our courses follow the IB Curriculum. We teach the Middle Years Programme from Grades 6 – 10 and the Diploma Programme in grades 11 & 12. We also issue a Grade Point Average for all courses taken and in Years 11 & 12 we have an additional Independent Study Programme.

At our school, we believe that every child has intrinsic value given to them by God.  In the Bible, the first chapter of Genesis speaks about how all humanity was made in the image of God.  Therefore, every child deserves to have the same opportunities when it comes to education.  All children are equally precious in the sight of the Lord.  With this in mind, we also believe that an teacher’s passion for education should never change, and we encourage them to help the students develop into the unique, life-long learners they are meant to be.  The Anglican School’s passion and care for our students’ educational needs sets us apart as a truly exceptional institution.

Along side our academic pursuits, we enjoy an energetic social life as a school. Living as we do in Jerusalem, and having a wide and diverse student population, we encourage interaction between all our students via Home Room activities, sports, clubs and whole school projects and activities including a whole school Residential trip to somewhere exciting every year.

We have a number of great events throughout the year for the whole school community which help to solidify the bonds of friendship and family that characterize AISJ.  I am proud to be the Head of Secondary in a school where everyone immediately feels like they belong.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you will come to see us soon in Jerusalem!

Mr. Devin Mitchell
Head of Secondary