(including drop off and pick up procedures)

Please ensure that the Homeroom Teacher knows your child's travel arrangements.

For Elementary students, it is important to give the Homeroom Teacher the information at the start of the school year, and update it if necessary. You should inform the Homeroom Teacher in writing, through the student planner or communication books, if there is a sudden change of plans for one day.

Morning drop off:


Children cannot be left unsupervised in the morning; members of staff arrive for duty at 7.30am. School starts promptly at 7.45am. Please either drop your child by the Elementary entrances between 7.30 and 7.45am or park your car off the car line in the drop off zone (yellow parking lines) for a maximum of 5 minutes and accompany your child to the playground by your child’s class.

There is a car park opposite the school entrance where parents can park their cars for longer periods.

Afternoon pick up:

Parents are asked to make sure that their children are collected punctually (2.30pm Monday to Thursday & 12.50pm Friday).

At the end of the school day, students must wait with their Homeroom Teacher for their transport in the class lines.  Students must remain in the class line until collected and not stray into other areas of the school e.g. yards or garden. Ball games are forbidden for safety reasons.

A parent, bus /private driver or responsible older sibling must collect Elementary students, unless other arrangements are made with the Homeroom Teacher. Students must wait in their assigned areas until their particular transport has driven round to collect them.

Under no circumstances should children be walking between moving vehicles.

All vehicles are required to drive with care on school premises. Buses will aim to park to the side of the car line to enable to flow of traffic. Bus drivers will collect students from the pick-up area and assist them on to the bus. Car engines need to be switched off whilst waiting for pick up and on no account left running with no driver in the car. Children must be collected from the pick-up area.

Please be sensitive to other parents and carers by not leaving your car unattended in the car line.

There is no car parking on site during any event in the year. This includes events like exit points, as well as whole school events like productions and fairs.