Stationery and Equipment for School

Tuition fees cover stationery, exercise books, including a communication book for Key Stage 1 students and a student planner for Key Stage 2 students, work sheets, loan of text books, art and craft materials and other compulsory educational expenses. Students are asked to take good care of any books which they take home.


At PY3 level onwards each child is required to bring his/her own pencil, eraser, sharpener, coloured pencils and a 30cm ruler. Whilst stationery equipment is still available in the classroom, we believe in encouraging a more independent approach to looking after equipment and resources. Younger students are provided with equipment in class.

All items should be clearly labelled with the student’s name.

Money or valuable items should not normally be brought into school by children below PY4. In exceptional circumstances in which this is necessary, items or money should be placed in a clearly named container or envelope and entrusted to the Homeroom Teacher’s care. For PY5 to PY6, a small amount of money can be brought in to purchase snacks at snack time only.

Every student will need a school bag which is large enough to carry snacks and/or lunch, a water bottle, the student’s book bag and the library bag on library days.