Student Illness or Absence

In the Absence section, the list of excused absences are given, student illness being amongst those. If your child is ill at home, has had a fever and needs to be kept at home for 24 hours, please phone the school office number: 972 (0)2-567-7200 or email your child’s Homeroom Teacher.

If your child becomes ill or is injured at school, the Homeroom Teacher or staff member on duty in the lesson or break time, will send for the nurse or send the child with another child to the nurse. An accident book is kept by the nurse to record any injuries or illnesses sustained during the school day. If the accident is more serious, the nurse will call the parents and inform them of the situation. If the child needs to be taken home, both the nurse and Homeroom Teacher will need to sign the exit slip for the child.

The school nurse is available every day for overseeing issues regarding health and well-being of the students, whether in school, on trips or at school related special events. The nurse carries out first aid or emergency care for unwell or injured students, administers medication where needed, keeps incident reports and maintains the medical records, including conducting health screening programmes. The nurse also has an input in school health education, including healthy eating, hygiene and social / behavioural issues, and contributes to the learning support team where necessary.

The school also has several staff members who are qualified in first aid and are able to assist if the nurse is absent.

Students requiring emergency medical aid will be taken to the nearest medical practitioner or emergency department. Parents will be contacted and informed of the situation as soon as possible. Parents, who for medical or other reasons, do not want students to receive any medications should inform the school in writing at the start of the year.