Students at AISJ have a very full day and need time with their family and friends in the evenings. At weekends they will be involved in their own and their family's interests and activities. In formulating a schedule for homework, the staff at AISJ look to the family, particularly in the Early Years, to help encourage their children to enjoy learning as part of the activities families do together.

Homework is also designed to reinforce the work done in the homeroom. As students move from level to level, the amount of homework gradually increases, but the quality of the students' answers is at least as important as the amount of homework set or completed. Parents should contact their child's Homeroom Teacher in the first instance if they feel that their child has been given too much homework, or if the work set seems too difficult. Parents need to interact with and support their children if the homework is to be effective.

Homework timetable

Early Years

Read stories to your child in any language to encourage the love of books, show how they should be handled, and develop an interest in stories. Flashcards and early reading books may be sent home if the student is ready.


Students will regularly bring an appropriate reading book home. Spelling lists may be sent home as the year progresses.

Primary 1

Students regularly bring an appropriate reading book home and have weekly spelling tests.

Primary 2 – 5

At levels appropriate to each class, students will bring a reading book home and will have spellings to learn each week. Regular Maths and English assignments will be given. Other homework might include research for IPC projects and handwriting practice. Students may also be expected to complete class work from across the curriculum.

Homework Diaries and Book Bags

Homework is recorded in student planners or communication books and kept in plastic wallets (book bags) to take between school and home. The book bags are the property of the Elementary and will remain the property of each class at the end of the school year. The book bags will contain your child’s homework books, readers, reading logs, and school notices. Please check them daily to ensure continuous home and school communication and for daily readers and homework activities. Please take care of school books which are sent home. School readers cost 50 NIS and reading logs cost 25 NIS to replace.