Emergency procedures

AISJ staff make the safety and security of students their first priority in all situations. Our next priority is to keep parents informed of any emergency situation affecting an individual student, a group or the school as a whole. We ask for parents’ help in enabling this by ensuring that the Homeroom Teacher and School Office has an up to date home / work phone or mobile number as well as email contacts. This ensures that an SMS or email can be sent out to all parents should any emergency situation arise.

The school has an internal policy for responding to other emergencies including natural and security threats for our safety. We benefit from UN and consulate security services which provide advice and guidance.

AISJ has four emergency procedures. In brief they are as follows:

  1. Fire

    In the event of a fire, an alarm is sounded and each class moves in a controlled manner to the grass circle at the front of the building, lining up in class order from EY1 to P5 for registration.

  2. Earthquake

    In the event of an earthquake, the staff will move the students outside of the buildings to the grass circle at the front of the building, where registration will be taken.

  3. National Security threat

    In the event of a national security threat, the municipality of Jerusalem will sound a city wide alarm. Staff will take students to designated bunkers (Music Room, Art Room and Staff Room) where registration is taken and students and staff remain until the all-clear is sounded.

  4. Code Red

    In the case of an intruder or a threat considered to have entered school property, a ‘code red’ is issued through the school loud speaker system. Staff ensure that students ‘hide’ in pre-designated areas within the classrooms (under tables, in walk- in cupboards etc.) and the classrooms are secured. Students and staff remain in these positions until the all-clear is sounded.

    Senior members of staff have specific roles in these four safety drills, all of which are outlined in more detail in the school’s internal emergency policy. Parents are contacted as soon as possible after any emergency incident. Practice drills are conducted during the school year.

Bad weather / snow

If there is a heavy snowfall overnight, it is our policy not to open school the following day if the Israeli schools in the city are also closed. Parents who are unable to check through a local news broadcast should check email or SMS for any message from the school about whether or not to bring / send students to school.

Due to the danger of students travelling home from school in hazardous conditions after a snowfall, it is our policy to close school early if there is a serious snow warning during the school day and the municipality send advice about road closures. Parents will be contacted by phone and asked to collect students as soon as possible if this occurs. The school will ensure that all students are properly supervised until they leave.