Dress Code (including P.E. clothing)

Individual rights to style and taste will be respected, but any type of clothing that would tend to cause distractions or be disruptive to the educational process, the classroom or other students, is not allowed. School policy on clothing discourages the use of logos and clothing which aims to make a particular religious or political statement.

Elementary students need to be dressed in a practical way, to ensure comfort in the classroom and for running around and playing at break times. Shoes which have backs and shoes with no heels are requested to reduce the risk of sprained ankles on the playground. In the Early Years particularly, a change of clothing is requested in case of messy play or any toilet ‘accidents’. Even up to Primary 1, a change of clothing in your child’s school bag is highly recommended.

Please assist us by ensuring that your child is appropriately dressed for the weather. In cold and wet weather, students need appropriate outdoor wear. This includes boots, gloves / mittens, a hat and possibly additional layers for the colder weather. In the hot weather, hats are strongly recommended (and essential for outdoor physical education lessons) and clothing which is light but protective from sunburn.

Physical Education (PE) Kit

From Pre-Primary to Primary 5, students are expected to come to school dressed in their PE clothing on PE days in their timetable.

The AISJ PE clothes are shorts and t-shirts with the school logo and are available for purchase from the PE teacher or Homeroom Teacher.

A P.E. kit (AISJ T-shirt and shorts) is available for 60 NIS (30 NIS for the T-shirt and 30 NIS for the shorts). In addition there is an AISJ sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms available for the winter P.E. lessons, costing 50NIS each (100 NIS for both)

It is advisable to label your child’s PE kit. Please make sure your child is also wearing suitable footwear for running and jumping etc.

In hot weather, hats are essential and a full bottle of water is required for your child’s participation in PE lessons.

Students are expected to participate fully in the school programme, unless a medical reason prevents them from doing so.