Attendance and Lateness

AISJ attendance policy:

  1. Late arrivals are marked as late if after 7.45am (PP – P5) and after 8am (EY1 and EY2). If your child has had more than 10 late arrivals this term, you will receive a letter so that you can be aware of this area in which to support your child. Arriving late can be unsettling and upsetting for the child who might miss some important instructions for the day or the focus and sharing in assembly time.
  2. Absences are in two categories: excused and unexcused.

Excused absences are limited to the following examples or categories:

  • student illness (only when supported by parent's note, or doctor's note for absence longer than two days)
  • travel abroad with family (where this is required by the parent's employer and where satisfactory alternative arrangements cannot be made for the care of the student)
  • appropriate major religious and national holidays not already observed by the school
  • trips organized by the school
  • weddings and funerals of immediate family members
  • emergency medical and dental appointments
  • curfews and closures
  • visa and passport applications (where the office concerned is not open out of school hours and the student is required to attend)
  • other exceptional circumstances after agreement with the Head of School

Informing the school of an absence:

Parents are required to phone the Reception desk before 10:00 am if a student is absent from school. A note or email must be given to the appropriate homeroom teacher within a week of the absence for it to be considered as excused. Absences without notes will be treated as unexcused.

School work during an absence:

It is the school policy not to set work for unexcused absence. In the case of an excused absence, teachers may set work, though this decision is at the discretion of the member of staff. If the child is leaving early on holiday, parents can be directed towards educational websites and keeping a holiday diary is always a useful exercise.